Our certified consultants can help assess your existing or future leaders. Through the use of scientifically proven tools and in-depth interviews, we can provide you with an objective and neutral perspective on existing talent or potential new-hires. The basic assessment can be combined with cognitive tests as well as an emotional intelligence profile.

Our primary tool is the Reiss Motivation Profile, that gives you an insight to your 16 basic desires or life motives. The individual motive and the combinations of the various motives explains not only your behaviors but also reasons for happiness, frustration and potential stress.

We can do the assessments on individual or team basis and we can restrict the process to just be feedback and insight or for an even better result, you can combine it with coaching.


All our trainers have coaching experience and certifications and we can offer you coaching services for enrolled participants or for people who needs coaching on their leadership behaviors, employee relation challenges or on their future career path.

We offer individual and team coaching and we can even offer specialized coaching like stress coaching etc. when needed.

Combining a training program with coaching has proven to be a very efficient way of building leaders and talents. Contact us for further information on how we can assist you in building your future success.