Executive Coaching

We can offer you executive coaching services targeted people who needs coaching on their leadership behaviors, employee relation challenges or on their future career path.

Our coaching process is based on a foundation of a scientifically proven profiling tool, that provides an amazing insight to the natural drivers behind the behaviors.

We offer individual and team coaching and we can even offer specialized coaching like stress reduction/coping coaching etc. when needed.

Combining coaching with a training program, has proven to be a very efficient way of building leaders and talents. Contact us for further information on how we can assist you in building your future success.


When a company and an employee has to separate due to cost cutting, changing requirements or different opinions on the future strategy, it puts the employee in a difficult situation, filled with uncertainty and in many cases, also unknown challenges.

Our outplacement coaches are fully trained and quipped to deal with even the most difficult cases and understand the their role and importance of guiding people to a new and better future.

Finding the right new job is a full time job and needs to be dealt with the right way. With our proven processes, we can help and support in this process.

Our approach is based on an initial interview, where we identify the areas where coaching, help and support is needed. Based on this, we will design an efficient process for the individual.

With groups of people, our approach is also tailored to the specific situation, but will most often open up for regular training sessions in connection to individual talks.

Please contact us for more information and a discussion on how we can assist you.