To help you in developing the leaders and the talents of your organization, we have created a broad range of workshops, that can be used individually or as part of a development program.

Our many solutions and flexible structures can help you design a full program, or you can supplement your own program with one of our solutions.


Our range of unique workshops currently includes seven different modules. These three-day workshops are called “Lead to Inspire” and addresses all the leadership issues ranging from self-leadership to corporate culture and are all constructed to build real skills in the participants.

In addition to these longer workshops, we have created a series of shorter workshops that we call “Leadership Masterclass”. The purpose of these workshops is to inspire the audiences to learn more.

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Using our seven modules in different combinations and integrating our support tools, we can create complete leadership development programs on Executive, Middle Management and Team leader/Supervisor levels.

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Our Integrated Leadership Solution approach means that in all our modules we address the three key elements in all actions and behaviors a leader must do. Performance, Safety and Quality! Through this, we build a mindset that automatically takes all three things into consideration.

However, as safety include more technical aspects, we have developed a special Safety Leadership Module, teaching leaders what to do to avoid accidents and incidents, what to do if something should happen and how to investigate the root cause of what happened, in case something does happen.

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Using our three core modules and combining them with personal coaching and profiling , we can support the development of your future leaders.

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As a natural part of our services, we offer assessments and coaching of individuals and groups. All our consultants are experiences coaches, who can challenge your people and help them develop and grow.

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