Generating performance is for many leaders the biggest daily task of them all. Organizational, employee, authority and customer demands and requirements to quality and safety and risk management are forever increasing.

With these growing demands comes increased pressure on the leader to be able to cope with expectations. More must happen sooner and if it does not, people become demotivated and start to deviate in their performance, in their safety behavior and the quality of their work.

For today’s leader it is therefore crucial that they understand how to keep their employees motivated to do the job right. Much of doing the job right has to do with having the right competencies to solve the task, but also understanding that there is a difference in what motivates the individual and how the individual should be treated.

The demand for real leadership is growing. Title means less and less. Without motivation and real trust from the employees, the manager will be the manager and not the leader. The real leader inspires the employees to do their best and create the desired results in a safe and qualitative way.