Developing your leaders is a huge competitive advantage. Not only can they produce better results, but more important, they also motivate and retain employees better.

Having a structured approach is the key to success. Making sure that the program is aligned with the corporate culture and strategy is vital and then creating a solution where the focus on application and implementation secures the ROI.

The Lead to Inspire™ series of trainings, can all be taken as stand-alone trainings to fit into your existing training portfolio. However, if you wish to maximize the outcomes, we can recommend using the trainings in a modular fashion. This allows you to use it as a complete leadership development program for all levels of management. We have listed three examples of how you can combine trainings, to maximize the outcome.

Our belief is that training should be cascaded in the organization, in such a way that you get a uniform approach and language of leadership and that the higher level, supported by our unique on-line learning system, can support next level in the implementation.

It is also possible to tie coaching of the individual participant into the process. Using 360 Degree tools and the Reiss Motivation Profile (or tailored with the companies own preferred personality profile), our experienced staff of consultants, trainers and coaches can help the leader implement, develop and excel in his or her leadership.

An example of a one-year program for Executive Leadership.

The way Executive Leadership acts as role model to the leaders they lead is vital to any programs success. It is not only about how they lead and inspire their people, but also how they support the implementation. We recommend starting with a summary and strategic application session of basic skills, so that they talk the same language on leadership as the people they lead. From here we go more strategic and focus on building the organizational environment in which success can thrive.

We do recommend adding a Reiss Motivation profile and the PSQI 360 Leadership Assessment before the first module, to give the executives insight to how they are perceived as leaders on all aspects of leadership.

An example of a one-and-a-half-year program for middle management.

The importance of having well trained leaders in middle management is crucial for the company’s success. We recommend a thorough approach here, as they not only have to lead and inspire their people, but also have to support the implementation at the next level.

We do recommend adding a Reiss Motivation profile before the first module and ideally also the PSQI 360 Leadership Review before and after the program to track progress.

An example of a one-year program for entry/supervisor level.

Many people are exposed to their first leadership position without any formal leadership training and have to use trial and error as learning principle. Apart from being less efficient, it is not fair to them and the people they lead.

By combining our three core training programs, you will have an outstanding program, guaranteed to deliver growth and success for them, the people they lead and the company. This combination is also ideal for people in supervisor or next in-line to leadership positions, who have not yet received any formal leadership training.

We do recommend also adding the Reiss Motivation Profile as a pre-work activity and potentially also some kind of coaching in between modules.