Generative Questioning

Ever wanted to find out more? The obvious answer to this would be “YES”, however, when we look at how people ask questions and how they listen to the answers, it is more likely that the real answer is “NO”.

For the last 15 years, we have taught people all over the world our unique technique Generative Questioning™ for how to find out more. Participants has been people from the helping industries of psychology and therapy, it has been lawyers, headhunters, investigators, policemen and leaders of all trades. Most of them people who already were supposed to be masters of interviewing and had received professional training on the subject, but who all realized how much and how quickly they could improve.

We have embedded our core technique into many of our workshops, but for people in specialist positions who needs to find out more details at deeper levels, you need more than just the introduction. For this purpose, we have designed three levels of this workshop, all taking you a step further.

1-day workshop

This is the foundations workshop where we focus on the core models. This is an expanded version of what we often build into our leadership workshops and thus for all who wants to be better at asking questions and picking up more from the answers.

2-day workshop

In the 2-day version, we add on more advanced linguistic skills, making the participant able to pick up patterns in the communication and understand the deeper structures and meanings of these patterns. We will also look at how to detect where the hidden parts are and how to access them. This level is highly appropriate for people who needs to understand more about the person in front of them and more about the situation that they are in or have been in.

3-day workshop

At the advanced level, we add on even more capacity to understand the complex nature of the human mind and dive deeper into a person’s thoughts and memories of events or thinking. This level is appropriate for the like of recruiters, investigators and people in the coaching or helping industry, who needs to be able to access deep structures of another person’s mind and memory.

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