Spouse Care Services

As a consequence of the ever-increasing globalization taking place, more and more people relocate for shorter or longer periods to other countries and parts of the world, often taking their family with them.

These relocations or expatriations can be a very exiting period for the family and in particular for the employee. For the accompanying spouse it can however be somewhat of a challenge. Often having to deal with getting the daily life to function in a completely new environment, perhaps not speaking the language and often alone in the daytime and initially with no social network. Add on top of that, that many times a full-time job has been given up back home in order to support the spouse on his or her new adventure. This changes the identity of the spouse and while some find it a great opportunity to explore new things, some end up feeling lonely and mentally drained and left unchallenged.

PSQI Spouse Care Services, is an on-line service, manned by specialists with professional qualifications in the field of psychology and therapy, who can assist the spouse in establishing the new identity and overcome mental weariness.

Our starting point is always to do a profile of the individuals driving motives in order to establish what is missing and / or what is too much. From there we tailor a solution that fits the needs of the individual. The starting package is always including three on-line sessions and a profile.

For more information or need for concrete help, please contact us on contact@psq-international.com

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