Webinar Recordings

Overcoming Team Differences and How to Reconcile in a Team.

In this session we share with you the difference between a Functional and Dysfunctional team and give some tips on how to move forward with improved team work.


In this session we share six important aspects of self-leadership.

Perfectionism and the Fear of Failure

Know and understand the traits that leads to this and how to manage this with success.

The Art of Feedback.

Know who to give what and how often.

Assumptions – The Necessary Root of Evil.

In this session we will show how the brain works and how come we cannot function without assumptions, although these ever so often leads to conflict and misunderstandings.

Virtual Leadership.

More needed than ever before and a discipline so few are trained in. We will share some of the insights of not only what to do, but also on how to manage different types of people.

Communicating Change.

No single factor is more under appreciated than the value of targeted communication when you want organizations and people to change. Learn more about vital aspects in change commuication.

It Wasn’t My Fault!

What is accountability and how come it is easier for some people to hold themselves accountable?

The Power of Understanding.

Learn about Intrinsic Motives, most likely the most powerful knowledge of leadership and personal development.

Balanced Leadership.

Building on the theory of Flow, we will show you the mechanics of motivation and stress and what to do to create more Flow.

Human Factors and Leadership.

How can good leadership help pre-inoculate against Human Factors and reduce accidents and incidents?

Now I Hear What You Say!

In this session we will share with you our process for improved listening.

Trust – The Key to Success.

Learn about what trust is and how you can earn trust with our 5 steps to trust,