What is Integrated Leadership Solutions?

In the world of Leadership and Performance, one of the biggest challenges globally, is how to secure the growth and attract and develop the best resources possible.

At PSQI we see this as an integrated process, where attracting and developing resources is the core of our business. We are the specialists in human behavior and leadership and our core is assessment and development of this.

Our services ranges from Executive Search and Assessment to high level Leadership and Talent development programs.

The History of PSQI

Behind the company LUXXconsultants.dk and brand name PSQI there are many years of experience from international recruiting, training and development. We have delivered our services and products to clients on multiple continents and we pride ourselves in our cross cultural experience and understanding, allowing us to work in any given cultural context. Through our international network, we can offer most of our products in multiple languages and with local knowledge and support.

Our Values

Performance is vital in all we do. We live to find the best performing candidates when we do search, and in our seminars, we strive to challenge all participants to maximum individual growth.

Safety means not taking anything from granted, not making shortcuts, to follow our procedures and through our behaviors, be a role model to the people we meet.

Quality is in our processes and our constant focus on how to improve. We secure our quality through constant and vigorous follow up and focus on successful implementation of the provided solution.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to help companies attract and develop leaders and high level specialist, that can help our clients succeed on Performance, Safety and Quality in a consistently changing and demanding world.

Our Vision is a world filled with leaders who can inspire to Performance, Safety and Quality.