Talent Development

Over the years we have been involved in many different talent programs, from complete design to part delivery of specific modules. No matter what, we know the importance of helping talent with their growth and journey towards bigger tasks and more responsibility.

For the foundational leadership skill building, we suggest using a combination of our three core modules (Lead to Inspire Self, Lead to Inspire Individuals and Lead to Inspire Teams), personal assessment on intrinsic motives and emotional intelligence combined with individual feedback and coaching. This will give the participants a thorough toolbox and an in-depth understanding of themselves.

To this, we can also provide training on how to have impactful communication to groups and other specific skills needed.

Contact us for a talk about your program, purpose and intentions. We are happy to assist, also in the early phases.

Please contact Lead Program Designer Anders Piper directly on anders.piper@psq-international.com