The LTI Safety Culture program features some unique elements focusing only on leadership and behavioral aspects of safety, all created to make a maximum impact and with extensive support for the implementation and sustainability of the program.


The objective of this workshop is to create managers that are Safety-Culture-leaders, and who can act as role models for the rest of the organization and through this, build a culture that supports compliance and safe behavior, to the benefit of the individual and the organization!

Target group

All levels of Management preferably cascaded from C-Level to Front-line leaders.

Workshop outcome

This three-day workshop will teach the participants not only what safety culture is, but also what leadership behaviors they must master and display in order to support it. Furthermore, the workshop will teach the participants to talk about safety in a compelling way that can talk to both head and heart.

Workshop content

  • What is Safety-Culture and Why do we need it?
  • Human Factors, reasons for breaches and Cost of poor Safety
  • What is a Just Culture and how do we create and environment in which a Just Culture can exist?
  • Trust and Accountability
  • Competence and Engagement as safety factors
  • Motivation as a safety-driver
  • Being the Role Model
  • Blaming or learning – how to ask better questions in order to find the positive intention and the Root cause
  • The Compelling Message – How to communicate safety to the head and the heart
  • Maintaining safety awareness
  • Securing implementation, creating the plan that will support it.

The LTI Safety Culture workshop, has three parts. The on-line pre-work part, that provides the participants an introduction to the program and a questionnaire concerning their personal assessment of the current safety culture in the company and their own accountability towards this.

The pre-work is sent out to participants around two weeks before the actual workshop, and at the same time, the manager of the participant is introduced to their role and responsibilities concerning the needed support from their side.

The workshop itself, is a 3-day workshop as described in the attached course description. The workshop is exercise driven and based on minimum 75% participant activity. Through discussions, exercises and games, the participants will get a thorough insight to human factors and how the individual is influenced by these and, also how leadership communication affects motivation and the safety performance.

After the workshop, there will be four on-line modules with post-work and suggestions for implementation and at the same time, the manager of the participant, can be included in an on-line feedback loop on progress of implementation and, also encouraged to have monthly follow up meetings with the participant. This process will last around 4 months, giving enough time to make things happening. All reporting into the system, can be deadline controlled and reports will be sent automatically to the HSE and HR, for their understanding of joint efforts and progress.

As an extra bonus, participants will receive a LUXXprofile and the brand-new Safety Leadership Coaching Report. This will offer the participant an incredible insight to their personal drivers of behavior and where to be alert on own patterns that could interfere with the intention of the safety culture. The report is highly confidential and personal, but we will encourage participants to share the profile share with their manager.

Optional Lead to Inspire Safety Culture Sustainability Program

The purpose of this program is to have local facilitators that can offer 1½-hour follow up sessions for the full content of the program. This to ensure that participants are reminded on a regular basis about the learnings from the workshop. The program will consist of six 1½-hour sessions, that each will focus on a half training day of the original workshop. These workshops will be a combination of evaluation of initiatives and progress, and discussions on how to overcome obstacles, combined with refresher of key learning points and exercises related to these. The chosen facilitators will go through a two-day program with focus on facilitation and understanding of supporting Power Point, lecture plans and exercises.

Optional Lead to Inspire Safety Culture Safety Bits Program


The purpose of this program is to equip participants to have weekly activities connected to key learnings on behaviors and human factors related to safety. At the end of the classroom workshop, each participant will get a binder with 20 short exercises, each with a duration of 10-20 minutes, that they can include in their existing meeting/safety-meeting culture. The binder will have weather resistant sheets with instructions and guidelines for each exercise, so that they can take the sheet with them also outside, without having to bring the whole binder. The exercises are targeted towards the rank & file employees and will be made so simple that everyone will be able to participate and learn.

Sincerely yours

Anders Piper


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